Conveyor belt for concrete

1. Introduction to concrete conveyor belts

The concrete belt conveyor is a piece of equipment used in the construction industry to efficiently transport and distribute concrete. It speeds up the concrete placement process and ensures a constant flow on the job site.

2. Benefits of using a concrete conveyor belt

  • Increased speed and efficiency in concrete placement.
  • Reduction of the physical effort required by workers.
  • Reduced construction time and increased productivity.
  • Precise and controlled distribution of concrete in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Minimization of concrete waste.

Types of concrete conveyor belts

There are different types of concrete conveyor belts, including:

  • Belt conveyors: used to transport large volumes of concrete over long distances.
  • Telescopic conveyor belts: ideal for projects that require greater flexibility and reach in concrete placement.
  • Boom conveyors: allow to reach high or difficult to access areas with precision.

4. How to choose the best conveyor belt

When selecting a concrete belt conveyor, consider the following aspects:

  • Load capacity and scope required for the project.
  • Flexibility and height adjustments required.
  • Equipment reliability and quality.
  • Maintenance and ease of use.
  • Cost and available budget.

5. Maintenance and care of conveyor belts

Proper maintenance of concrete conveyor belts is essential to ensure their optimum performance. Some recommendations include:

  • Regular cleaning of the belt and components.
  • Inspection of mechanical and electrical parts.
  • Lubrication of the necessary points.
  • Repair or replacement of worn or damaged parts.
  • Training of personnel in the correct and safe use of the conveyor belt.


The concrete belt conveyor is an indispensable tool in the construction industry. Its use provides numerous benefits and contributes to the efficiency and quality of concrete placement. By properly choosing and maintaining a conveyor belt, you can optimize your projects and improve productivity on the job site.

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