What is hydrocooling?

Hydrocooling is a process by which the temperature of the fruit is rapidly reduced by means of a shower of water close to 0ºC. Depending on the fruit, the cooling time will vary.

How does hydrocooling work?

The system consists of:

  • A stainless steel structure.
  • Upper water tank for shower.
  • Indoor bathtub with heat exchanger.
  • Cold generation equipment.
  • Systems can be static or dynamic.
  • Temperature and pump control.

Advantages of hydrocooling

Hydrocooling offers multiple advantages:

    1. Allows to reduce the thermal load in the cooling chambers.
    2. Rapid cooling preserves the freshness of the fruit and prevents the fruit from drying out. This process improves the quality of the product as well as its subsequent workability.
    3. This spraying also adds a wash of the product.
    4. A strong energy saving, being able to store frigories during the night at a lower cost.